Spaceman Ambassador Programme

As the leader in space saving furniture Spaceman has worked with Interior Designers for over 12 years.

For loyal ID’s who collaborate with us and help us we created this programme as a thank you.

To participate in the Spaceman Ambassador Programme the ID must register and provide their details and those of the customer they intend to refer, before the customer has had any contact with Spaceman.


How it works
Spaceman Innovations Pte Ltd (“Spaceman”) offers an ID Ambassador Scheme with referral commission for New Customers actually referred by an Interior Designer (“ID”).

  1. ID must register as an ID before referring a customer with name, payment details etc. and by registering agrees to receive our newsletter.

  2. Once a registered ID has referred a customer Spaceman will telephone the customer to make an appointment with us, or they can make an appointment directly online.

  3. The registered ID must introduce a New Customer, who as a direct result purchases Products from Spaceman. New Customer = a person introduced to Spaceman with a view to becoming a customer, not being a Prospective Customer.

    Prospective Customer = any current or previous customer of Spaceman or the Business Group at the ID registration date or any person which previously had contact with Spaceman or the Business Group, and any person not introduced by the ID who has contact with Spaceman or the Business Group after the ID registration date.

  4. As a Spaceman ambassador the ID will help Spaceman to resolve any issues with the customer during the ordering and delivery process.

  5. Spaceman will offer a discretionary referral commission equal to:
    - 2.5% of the Net Sales Value for the 1st referral; and
    - 5% of the Net Sales Value [unless otherwise stated] for the 2nd and any further referrals,
    on full price Products only (discounted, sale, ex-display Products, mattresses etc. do not qualify for commission).

  6. Net Sales Value means the price actually paid for Products by a referred New Customer only (i.e. not on any sum paid by the New Customer for tax, shipping, storage, delivery and installation and other logistics elements) and after deduction of any insurance or associated costs and fees related to the sale of Products (if any).

  7. Payment is 30 days after full payment, delivery/installation and resolution of any issues with delivery/installation etc with the customer.

  8. Spaceman’s data protection policy applies - available at:

  9. The Terms & Conditions (“T&C’s”) of Spaceman apply - orders are strictly in accordance with Spaceman’s T&C’s, which are incorporated and made a part of the agreement between you and Spaceman by this reference. T&C’s are available at T&C’s may be periodically amended. Business Group is defined in the T&C’s.

  10. This is a discretionary scheme and may be withdrawn in all or part at any time. The terms and conditions of the scheme are subject to change without notice at any time. Spaceman’s decision is always final.

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