Spaceman mattresses


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Our mattresses are made especially for our range of wall beds in knitted fabric with anti dust-mite, anti fungal and anti bacterial features. They combine with the sprung beech slatted base to assure a good nights sleep.

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Available in single, super single, double, queen or king size with a choice of three models:

Using proprietary foam technology, the Venus mattress has a sleep surface catered to a preference for firm support that does not compromise on comfort. This mattress is characteristically firm and most suited for individuals who mainly rest on their back.

Made of natural latex, the sleep surface is inherently resistant to the growth of bacteria and fungi. Its unique give and flex provides a unique balance of support and elasticity that can only be described as buoyantly supportive.

This memory foam is deliberately engineered to possess millions of micro open cells for optimal air circulation within the sleep surface. Our memory foam possesses the dual functionality of pressure-relieving and contour support to provide a bespoke kind of sleeping experience for all individuals depending on their anthropomorphic profile.

We highly recommend this memory foam sleep surface for sleepers who regularly switch between sleeping on their back and on their sides.

Spaceman mattress-02