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Spaceman specialises in space-saving solutions tailored for commercial spaces, partnering with commercial interior designers, architects, hotels, and property developers in Singapore. With over 300 customisable products, including commercial custom and hospitality wholesale furniture, we offer both retail and bespoke project solutions. Contact us today to explore how we can elevate your commercial design projects.

Co-living & Serviced Apartments

Spaceman Murphy beds and multi-function tables have been used to optimize space and functionality in co-living and serviced apartment projects by allowing rooms to be easily repurposed and reducing the need for multiple furniture pieces. These adaptable solutions create versatile, clutter-free environments, enhancing comfort and appeal for modern urban dwellers.

This adaptability is particularly advantageous in co-living spaces where room dimensions are often limited and shared among residents.


Comfortable and aesthetically appealing Spaceman sofa beds and Murphy beds provide hotels with versatile and space-saving solutions, enhancing guest experiences and room functionality.

Our handmade Italian Sofa beds offer the dual benefit of serving as comfortable, stylish seating during the day and real sleep quality at night, making them ideal for accommodating extra guests without compromising on style or comfort. Spaceman’s murphy beds, include models designed with features specifically for hospitality such as concealed mechanisms. By folding away seamlessly, they allow hotel rooms to be transformed into multi-use spaces, ideal for meetings or lounging, thereby maximizing room usage and appeal, or up uplift the value of a room by effectively turning it into a suite.

Both options contribute to a modern, uncluttered look that enhances the overall aesthetic, meeting the needs of diverse guests and adding value to hotel accommodations.


In new residential developments, Spaceman’s space-saving furniture is becoming increasingly vital as rising land and building costs lead to smaller living units. Developers can enhance the appeal of these compact spaces by incorporating innovative furniture solutions such as Spaceman murphy beds, multi-function tables, and modular storage systems.

These furnishings maximize the utility of limited square footage, transforming rooms to serve multiple purposes without compromising comfort or style. By marketing units with these smart, space-efficient features, developers can differentiate their projects from the competition, offering prospective buyers and renters a modern, adaptable living environment that aligns with their urban lifestyle needs and preferences. This strategic approach not only addresses the challenges of reduced living space but also adds significant value, making the developments more attractive and functional.

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