Bunk beds or double decker beds can be space hoggers, with Spaceman's range of bunk beds we have different unique solutions to enable you to have a bunk bed without making your room feel squashed

Folding bunk beds
Spaceman's Tuckin bunk beds have all the space saving benefits of a traditional bunk bed, but they fold away when not required. They can be configured with a fixed or folding desk combined with the bed on the lower bunk, or as a loft bed with bed above and desk below. Made in Italy our beds use our exclusive soft open safety system.

Bunk bed/loft bed sets

More than a typical bunk bed, our unique and customisable bunk bed sets made in Italy can incorporate third beds, retractable desks, or wardrobes so in the space of a typical bunk bed you can have so much more. Make it exactly as you want, with a multitude of colours, patterns, accessories and matching cabinetry available.

Sofa bunk bed

As unbelievable as it sounds Slumbersofa Duo is a bunk bed concealed inside a sofa. Our advanced Italian engineering ingeniously integrates two single beds, with individual mattresses and slatted bed bases into a sleek sofa. You can choose from over a hundred fabrics.

Spaceman, as the space saving experts and with more than ten years of being the leader in space saving furniture in Singapore, has the widest range of bunk/loft beds so get in touch and our consultant can help you choose the right product.

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