Smart beds from Spaceman

Make your Singapore home smarter with Spaceman's ideas

At Spaceman Singapore we love innovation, and that's why we focus on smart furniture. Smart transforming tables, smart beds which are multi function, and smart sofa beds that use a real mattress.

Some examples are shown below, with Spaceman you can make your living hall smarter, your kids room smarter, even your maid can benefit from a smart bed from Spaceman. We specialise in saving space for small rooms.

Smarter living hall

There is often not enough for space for guests, so with Spaceman's space saving smart sofa bed you can make your living hall roomier enough to also accommodate guests.

Our smart beds use real mattresses and orthopaedic slatted base, such as Slumbersofa Pronto, assuring your guests of a good night's sleep, and you that your sofa will be cosy.

Spaceman space saving Slumbersofa Pronto opening and closing

Smart dining area

Dining tables hog space but are not used much of the day, Spaceman has a variety of space saving dining tables to make your dining area smarter. Spaceman's variety of space saving tables provide a variety of space saving solutions, such as dining tables which exist as coffee tables when not in use, or those kept to the side as console tables.

For example the Armadillo table combines a stunning Inox dining table with a gorgeous coffee table, saving space while remaining stylish.

Spaceman space saving coffee to dining table Armadillo extended and raised

Smart beds in guest rooms

Everyone wants to be able to accommodate guests, but not many have the luxury of being able to dedicate an entire room, and hundreds of thousand dollars worth of space to occasional use.

With Spaceman's multi function smart beds, your guest room can be turned into a multi function space whilst always being available to accommodate guests at a moment's notice.

Slumberdesk from Spaceman available in single to queen size is a bed that is so smart it is also a desk.

Spaceman space saving wall bed with desk opened and closed

Kids smart beds

Kids need space to play, to study, for friends to stay and of course for a good night's recuperative and harmonious sleep.

Now thanks to our smart beds for kid's rooms you can fit a double decker bed, and desk into even a small room. A multifunction kids bed saves space over the long run, and

Spaceman space saving kids beds for small rooms Zigzag bunk bed

Smart bed for the maids room

Our maids work hard for us, and they deserve to have a comfortable place to relax and sleep. With Spaceman's Slumberchair even the maid gets a smart bed with a chair to relax on that transforms effortlessly into a single bed.

For the home of Singapore's smart space saving ideas visit Spaceman at 259 Lavender street (open by appointment) today. Click here for location information and to book an appointment.