Make space better in Singapore

Make space better

Ikea has been suggesting ways you can make space better in Singapore, but in Singapore we have far more experience of living in smaller spaces than they do in Sweden. Spaceman is a Singapore company who specialises entirely in space saving furniture which can help you make space better in your own home.

For instance, make space better in the living room by using multi function tables. For dining make space better by combining your dining table and coffee table such as the Boxster table shown below.

Make space better in your bedroom by using a multi function bed so you can reclaim the space for gaming, dressing, and to make cleaning easier. The Slumbershelves, not available at Ikea, can make space better by revolving between a shelving system and a bed, you can even include a table.

With limited space many people would like a study but also need space for guests, make space better in the guest room by installing a Slumberdesk from Spaceman not available at Ikea. It combines a large desk and comfy bed with sprung beech slatted base. Available in single, double and queen sizes in both horizontal and vertical versions.

There are many more ways to make space better on our website, or you can email us for ideas for your own home.