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Slumbersofa Grandiose ~ customisable sofa bed with headrests

Slumbersofa Grandiose ~ customisable sofa bed with headrests

Slumbersofa Grandiose ~ customisable sofa bed with headrests


Slumbersofa Grandiose joins Spaceman’s line of real mattress sofa beds, bringing both elegance and comfort to your home in the form of adjustable headrests, along with a choice of 9 different sofa arm options to match your home’s look. 

From the a la mode design to the ingenious engineering you can clearly tell this sofa is designed and manufactured in Italy.





The Slumbersofa Grandiose comes with a real luxurious memory foam mattress also from Italy whilst coming with internal pillow storage, maximising the space saved. You can additionally choose to upgrade the sofa bed with our "Lift'n Wheel" system, so it can be easily moved around when needed such as for cleaning.

Designed for you, by you

Our versatile Slumbersofa Grandiose can be customised with 9 different armrest designs to fit into a variety of interior aesthetics. From sloping to round arms, you will be sure to find your desired sofa bed.

Slumbersofa Grandiose real mattress luxury sofa bed with headrests

Our sofa beds can be customised according to your space requirements and aesthetic preferences, choose from over 700 fabric and Italian leather options, add a Chaise Longue, corner sofa or even a comfortable foot stool.  

The fabrics for the sofa bed are anti-mite, breathable and hypoallergenic. The covering is also fully removable, making it easy to wash. Most of our fabrics come with a special treatment to protect it from liquid penetration, and spills from water, coffee, juice or even wine can be easily wiped away with a clean cloth to prevent undesirable stains.

Slumbersofa Grandiose is available in seven sizes of sofa bed to accommodate compact single, single +, super single, double, queen or king sized beds. There is even an option to have twin beds in the form of two single sized beds for one sofa, what a package! 


Click here to view our range of fabrics and leathers available for the Slumbersofa Grandiose.

Available for Quick Delivery

Our sofa beds are hand-made and made to order, and there is a three to four month lead time. For the Slumberofa Grandiose, we do have certain configurations which are available and can be delivered quicker in 2 months instead. 

Have something in mind? Get in touch with us and our space saving consultants can assist you.

Dimensions (cm)


Slumbersofa Grandiose ranges from S$5,288 to S$16,688, depending on the size (compact single to twin) and material (fabric or leather). Installation and delivery fees apply which vary depending on the model chosen.

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