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Zigzag ~ kids/teen bunk beds with mobile study desk

Zigzag ~ kids/teen bunk beds with mobile study desk

Zigzag ~ kids/teen bunk beds with mobile study desk


Before you pass it off as just another bunk bed, you'd be surprised to know that Zigzag gives your kids full flexibility to arrange their furniture according to their needs and preference.

The bottom bed is not attached to the main loft frame so you can shift it anywhere you like. The table that sits just above the bottom bunk is also mobile on wheels so they can shift their study spot around as well.

Other than colour options, these are what you can customise with Zigzag:

  • Beds: You can have 1, 2 or 3 beds, customised to your needs.
  • Steps or ladders: Fret not your children do not need to climb high ladders as they do with conventional bunk beds, for safety we offer our high sleepers with steps which can be at the side or behind the bed.
  • Rail guard: Choose from 2 rail guard designs.
  • Side panels: Different side panel designs i.e. windows or with bookcase
  • Wardrobes

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These products are good for you and for the environment.

  • The main material in this range of products is board made from recycled wood particles, with FSC 100% recycled certification.
  • Coloured parts are made using water-based paints, which are environmentally friendly and adhere to EN 71-3 :2013 guaranteeing child safety in case of accidental contact with the mouth.
  • Our paints contain a long lasting “Silver Defence”, microbiologically shielding the surfaces to combat the spread of bacteria.
  • Paints have a UV-protective layer to flat surfaces providing resistance to chemical detergents and abrasions.

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Dimensions (cm)

Zigzag starts from $5,900, price varies with model, size, finishes and upgrades chosen. Starting price is for Zigzag with two single beds, desk and side steps. Mattress not included. 

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