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Morph ~ extending dining table

Morph ~ extending dining table

Morph ~ extending dining table


At first glance, Morph looks asymmetrical with squared edges on one end and curved on the other. This unique shape allows Morph to sit pretty propped against the wall. It then morphs into a squarish oval shape when fully extended to 170cm.

Spaceman made in Italy logoThe different table legs also lend a quirky touch to this playful extending table. Morph extending dining table is a nice compact size for small families and seats 6 people comfortably.

Made in Italy.

All Spaceman space saving dining table are customisable to match your existing home interior aesthetics. For the range of finishes available click here (note not all finishes are available for all models).


Also available as an option is an all-wood model where the table top and base are in the same wood finish giving a seamless look: 



Dimensions (in cm):

Spaceman Morph extending dining table dimensions

Warranty: 1 year


Morph ranges from $2,488 to $3,688 depending on the size and table top finishes chosen.

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