Wall beds at HDB Hub

Spaceman is proud to have supplied the wall beds/hidden beds which have been installed at the HDB Hub showflats.

Recently re-named My Nice Home Gallery they incorporate a different number of Spaceman models so you can visualise the added space a space saving piece of Spaceman furniture can provide you. On each bed HDB have thoughtfully placed an explanation so you can see how that bed would look both open and closed and so how much space you will save.

In the 2 room HDB you will find a Slumberdesk queen size bed, offering the ability to use the master bedroom as both a study and bedroom, which is crucial in the limited space of a 2 room unit.

In the 5 room see how a Tuckin bunk bed can release the space normal bunk beds hog, yet still squeeze two adults or children into a small room.

Finally the amazing Slumberdesk Junior in the 3 room HDB showflat shows off the multi function skills of a bed which transforms effortlessly into a desk perfect for students and children who need a big study area and don't want to clear the desk when they open the bed.












HDB confirms that: “HDB does not endorse any of the designs or products shown in the showflats and is not affiliated to the companies that provided such designs or products. The furnishings, exhibits and design of the showflats were put up pursuant to an open tender.”