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Studio & shoebox apartments in Singapore 

Recently it has become more popular to live in smaller sized or multi-purpose apartments such as studios, shoebox (Mickey Mouse)  and SOHO apartments. 

Hillsta, euHabitat, The Hillier, Riversound, The Tennery, The Cape, PS100, SOHO@Central, Watertown, Boathouse,Urban Lofts, SOHO 188, SOHO @ Farrer, Skysuites 17, Centra Heights, Devonshire Residences, The Scotts Tower (TST), 8Bassein, Natura@Hillview, Woodhaven, Suites@Newton, Greenwich, The Modules are some of the better known small apartment developments in Singapore with SOHO, shoebox or studio apartments that would benefit from Spaceman space saving thinking.

The question we are asked most often as the space specialists is, how do you furnish a small apartment ?

With a small apartment such as a studio and SOHO being made up of an open plan living and sleeping area it provides an efficient layout which makes best use of limited space. But when your bedroom or office is also your living room how do you keep each area distinct without walls. There are a number of different ways to design them so you can sleep in comfort whilst also being able to enjoy a luxurious and elegant living space.

In shoebox apartments you can't afford to dedicate space to one use, in fact a shoebox is just perfect if you design your space to be fluid and flexible, with transforming furniture such as our hiddenbed mechanism beds so you can sleep, work, relax, play or chill in the same space. Spaceman's innovative furniture and homewares are all designed to maximise your space.

SOHO apartments Singapore

To get the most out of a SOHO apartment you need it to function as a credible office and a cosy home. In most cases that means writing off an area for sleeping and using the rest for working. With Spaceman furniture you can use all your SOHO apartment for both work and living.

With the Spaceman Slumberdesk range you can have a single or double bed combined with a full size desk, in the day it looks like a desk at night it opens up to a full double or queen size bed at night. We also offer the choice of vertically opening or horizontally opening beds to suit the space you have available.

The desk remains level at all times so you can leave laptops, files etc on the desk when you open the bed, and likewise you can leave the sheets and duvet on the bed when you close it.

For additional flexible desk space in your SOHO apartment the Deskappear completely conceals a desk when it's not required. It has optional shelves for files, folders etc and a drawer to put easily put away laptops and desk accessories.

Studio and shoebox apartments in Singapore

Beds and dining tables swallow up space even when not in use. Shrewd Studio and Shoebox buyers and renters know that they don't need to pay for space they don't need by using multi-functional furniture and so can live happily in a smaller apartment.

Our Slumbershelves ingeniously hide your bed behind a useful shelving unit, which can also incorporate a large table. During the day you can relax in your studio apartment and admire your your pictures, ornaments, etc displayed on the shelves and at night it quickly revolves to open the bed. It's a true space saving revolution!

With the Slumbersofa range you get the benefit of a comfy sofa and a full beech slatted base. There are three models in the Slumbersofa range, the Slumbersofa Classic and both horizontal and vertically opening Slumbersofa Modern designs to fit your space. None of those saggy Sofa bed springs here, our bases are solid, supporting and comfortable. 

Should you need additional sleep space we also have the Trio sofa bed, again with slatted base, which can sleep three people.

Space saving dining furniture

Whether it is SOHO, Shoebox or Studio dining table sets need not eat up space, instead of a dedicated dining table try one that transforms into a coffee or console table when not being used. They can still sit up to ten people and no-one would know they aren't dining tables full time. Space saving coffee/dining tables start at S$1000.

You can match these with one of our sets of folding dining chairs.