Murphy Beds and Wall Beds for Hotels

Spaceman Wall Beds for Hospitality

As the recognised expert in space saving furniture Spaceman has an unrivalled range of Wall Beds with exclusive features designed specifically for hospitality applications.

Exclusive Hospitality Features

We are the pioneers in developing Wall Beds, a 100 year old concept, to the stringent demands of the hospitality industry.

Not only do we offer a range of safety benefits described below which apply to all our Wall Beds, but for Hospitality we have some specially designed exclusive upgrades.

(1) Concealed mechanism

The demands of hospitality mean customers expect a bed, even a Wall Bed to look luxurious and pleasing to the eye. Spaceman offers several options for our Wall Bed mechanisms to be entirely concealed which means the guest does not see any hardware and can enjoy the same hotel chic they would appreciate from a normal bed.

Slumbersofa Classic ~ sofa + bed,Transforming beds - SPACEMAN

The Luxe system also integrates shelving, a bedside table with optional powerpoints/USB charging points. and LED lights.

(2) Legs or no legs

We understand your concern that guests may knock the leg of the bed since a typical Wall Bed will have them on the outside of the bed. For this reason we have re-designed our beds to eliminate this risk with either our inset legs or our beds designed with support that does not require legs. These options are only available for projects.

Wall bed designed for hospitality by Spaceman Inset Wall Bed legs for hospitality

(3) Key locks

Although very simple to use, especially with our soft open safety system, you may prefer your Wall Beds to be operated only by trained staff. Perhaps there is an extra charge levied where they are made available to guests. In this case we offer the option to include subtely designed integrated key locks to prevent the beds being opened without authorisation.

(4) Bedding and pillow storage

For maximum convenience our Wall Beds are designed so the bedding can be left on when the bed is closed. If you wish the pillows can also be stored inside the bed, and unlike a typical Wall Bed with our moving headboards the pillows can be left in situ when the bed is closed. That means the bed is made and ready to use immediately after opening.

Hospitality Wall Bed from Spaceman

(5) Customised finishes

We understand that you will wish to control the design of your rooms and so offer customisation of finishes to match your desired finish. You can select the finish for all parts of the bed, or custom printing inside or outside the bed from the 70+ we have available or for a volume project we can source specifically for your needs.

We can also manufacture matching contract furniture such as our mini kitchens, wardrobes etc.


Spaceman's Wall Beds are entirely manufactured in Italy, to ensure not only a sleek, ergonomic design but also the quality of production that has made Italy synonymous with furniture design.


Spaceman Wall Beds are made with two distinct comfort advantages which means your guests will enjoy the same level of comfort as a conventional bed:

(1) you can use a real mattress, which means your choice of memory foam, pocket spring etc

(2) they come with a beech slatted orthopaedic base for support and to allow the air to circulate around the mattress


As you would expect from the space saving leader, our products are made to European safety standards. Our Wall Beds feature our soft open safety system, automatic locking and automatic leg opening.

Environmentally friendly

Our Wall beds are made using recycled materials for the structure, and where matt or glossy lacquer is selected we only use water based non toxic paints. The Wall Beds can all be dismantled and relocated to ensure they can be re-used in future applications where designs change.