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Non-toxic and environmentally friendly materials for the safety of your kids.

Made in Italy

Premium quality and impeccable craftsmanship

Highly Customisable

Customise your kids bedroom with our wide range of kids beds.

Designed by the experts in space saving design. 

Harmonious and spacious bedroom for your kids and teens to sleep, study and play in comfort with Spaceman's range of space saving kids beds and matching furniture.

  • Made In Italy using environmentally friendly, FSC certified materials
  • Water-based non toxic paint, safe for kids, with silver ion anti-bacterial coating
  • Free bedroom design service with matching cabinetry including bookcases, wardrobes, shelves, drawers, desks and wall cabinets
  • Our beds can be easily dismantled and taken with when you move home
  • We have the widest range of kids beds so get in touch and our consultants can help you choose the right product

Free design service

Our consultants will plan your kids bedroom for free, using our unique space saving expertise to ensure your kids bedroom is spacious and harmonious.

We will then fabricate your kids bedroom furniture in our specialist factory in Italy using materials and designs that are tested to adhere to stringent European safety standards.

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Our furniture is infinitely customisable with hundreds of cabinetry options, and a myriad of colours, and materials to choose from, the only limit is your imagination.

Not only can you benefit from our stylish designs and made In Italy quality cabinetry but also our exclusive kids beds, the widest range in Singapore, including single beds, storage beds, trundles, bunk beds, or triple beds and murphy beds.

Long lasting

Our furniture is built to last, and all beds are adult size meaning your kids can use them right through to adulthood, no need to replace them as they grow.

You can even dismantle and relocate all of the furniture if you move house.



Great for those who needs to fit 1, 2 or 3 beds into the space of a bed! Spaceman's unique kids bunk beds allow you to customise a desk, bookcase, storage drawers or even wardrobes to maximise space. 

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A smart way to maximise your kids' bedroom by masterfully combining a wall bed with a study desk. The bed folds away to just 35cm depth so you have more floor space to move and play. 

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You can still maximise every inch of your single bed with Spaceman!

The space below the bed can hide a trundle bed or extra storage space; plus wrap customised cabinetry around the bed for wardrobes, bookcases, shelves etc. Whilst we can custom make cabinetry for your space unlike fitted furniture it can be dismantled and relocated when you moved home.

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"I have gotten two sets of Spaceman super single bed in 2016 with blackboard surface (very useful) and to date it's still as good as brand new!"

Siti Nurbayah J. Customer

"I ordered double Tuckin (bunk) bed with shelves and top cupboards. Instead of having to find a 4 bedroom apartment, we are able to cope with the current three bedroom apartment.

We weren't able to find anything that looks good and compact like Spaceman at other furniture stores. My wife and I are very happy with the purchase."

John Z. Customer

"Well engineered space saving bed. High quality materials. Spaceman has provided good service."

Sudhansu A. Customer

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