Space saving dining tables

Expandable dining tables


Expanding oak dining tableExpandable dining tables have been around for generations, but what's new about Spaceman's expandable dining tables is the combination of stylish designs and smart expanding systems.

Unlike conventional expanding tables the extensions are also integrated into the design of the table for ease of use.

For example our oak expandable dining tables have all the beauty of real oak, but with the ability to extend.

Our extending dining tables can extend from 1.2m to an astonishing 2.9m long with all extensions concealed inside the table, no need to store them elsewhere. Click here to see our range of dining tables.

Adjustable height dining/coffee tables

Coffee table combined with dining tableThe optimum way to have a space saving dining table is for it to disappear completely when not being used.

The Spaceman range of dining/coffee tables tuck neatly out of the way as a coffee table when not required for dining. In that way you save all the space your dining table usually hogs making your living room more spacious and comfortable.

There are a multitude of designs, including solid oak, ceramic, mortar style and even glass tops. What appears to be a modest coffee table can transform into a dining table, with some models able to achieve an unbelievable maximum size of 3.2m. Click here to see our range of dining tables.



Console/dining tables

Another way you can save alot of space taken up by a dining table is to fold it away when not in use. Rather than just have a table folded up our tables are designed to transform into a console table so they serve a second decorative and storage purpose.

It's remarkable what you can achieve with a Spaceman console tables, for the ultimate space saver the Mammoth table converts from a 45cm console to a whopping 2.8m long dining table. What's most impressive is you can even store all the extension panels and six matching dining chairs inside. Click here to see our range of dining tables.