Beds in Singapore and Hong kong

Buying beds in Singapore and Hong Kong

When it comes to buying a bed in Singapore and Hong kong the key thing to think about is space. Do you really want to dedicate up to 7000 square inches of your valuable home to an object you only use when asleep?

Have you considered a bed that can be folded away during the day so you can use all that space for other things, and you can keep things nice and clean. Hidden beds, wall beds, or Murphy beds as they are known have recently developed to offer an exciting range of opportunities in Singapore not available before.

For example your bed could also be a set of shelves, or a desk or a closet. Alternatively it can simply fold away to free up an amazing amount of space so your bedroom can also be a dressing room, office, den, lounge or anything else you want it to be.

Feng Shui bedroom

Think your room isn't big enough for more than a single bed? Lots of windows or lack of wall space for the bed-head? Need a different configuration for Feng Shui. With Spaceman's horizontally opening beds you have options you wouldn't have thought possible.

Your bed will be as comfortable and sturdy as a standard bed, just more versatile and cost effective. You can have a single bed, European double, or queen size in a Spaceman wall bed.

Bunk-beds in Singapore and Hong Kong

If you are looking at double decker beds or bunk-beds then have you thought about ones that can be folded away during the day. Again think of all that space you could save, plus it means you can have bunk-beds in even small rooms. Spaceman also offers vertically and horizontally folding designs.