Tuckin ~ loft bed

Tuckin ~ loft bed

Tuckin ~ loft bed


This is a very simply designed horizontally opening murphy loft bed, it is extremely light to open and close and comes in a single size.

Entirely made in Italy in Melamine, Veneer or paint Lacquer finishes this bed is extremely light thanks to the Spaceman soft open/soft close system. You can also add decals or print to the front to create a totally customised design.

The Tuckin loft bed is available as a single bed with desk or cabinets below, combined with other cabinets such as shelving, bookshelves, or wardrobes as shown in the photos.

Tuckin is the most flexible bed for small kids rooms, you can use it at ground level with an optional folding desk, or as a loft bed with shelves/desk etc below. Now you can have a loft bed without the bulkiness of a traditional loft bed and even make it bright and funky.

For any Tuckin bed you can add a folding headboard and with the loft bed of course the safety bars and ladder are included.

Tuckin loft starts $5,900 for melamine finish, and varies depending on the configuration chosen. Installation and delivery fees apply which vary depending on the model chosen.

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