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Slumbersofa Ease ~ sofa + bed

Slumbersofa Ease ~ sofa + bed

Slumbersofa Ease ~ sofa + bed


The only model in the Slumber wall bed series which does not require you to remove the sofa cushions to open the bed. This revolutionary feature means you do not have to find space to store the sofa cushions when it converts to a bed.

Slumbersofa Ease is also at the top of its class with amazing space saving features - combining a hidden wall bed, a plush sofa and storage drawers, making it the ultimate sofa bed. Spaceman made in Italy logoIt maximises every inch of space with in-built drawers below the sofa seats for clever storage of beddings and linens. Making it a brilliant space saving idea for small home designs and layout.

As with all other models of folding wall beds, it comes with the Spaceman soft open/close mechanism that is designed, engineered and made in Italy.

Video shows remote control version of Slumbersofa Ease. This remote control option is available on all Slumbersofa and Liberty wall beds.

Space saving wall bed
While a traditional bed plays a crucial role for a restful 8-hour beauty sleep, it turns into unusable space in the day when we are awake and active. With a fold away sofa bed like Slumbersofa Ease, that underutilised space now turns into a sofa in the common living area or a cozy spot in the bedroom for private movie marathons.

The hidden wall bed comes only in vertical opening and is available in Italian melamine, wood veneer or lacquered finishes. Also comes with orthopaedic slatted base to ensure a comfortable night’s sleep.

2 seater Sofa
Arm your sofa just the way you like it - narrow, wide, round or just lose the arms for a pared-down minimalist look. Choose between 2 seater or 3 seater sofa, with the option of a foot stool to extend into a chaise lounge. Pick out your favourite colour to match your home interior aesthetic from hundreds of practical fabrics, synthetic leather or genuine leather. Regardless of fabric chosen, they can be removed, dry-cleaned or replaced.

Other sofa bed customisation
There are many customisation options to truly personalise your own space saving wall bed. You can add character by embellishing your favourite painting or picture on the front or inside panels. Complete the wall bed with customised full length cabinetry like storage shelves, bookcase or wardrobes that flushes with the ceiling. Or even add fabric headboards for extra comfort reading in bed.

Slumbersofa Ease is available as wall mounted wall bed or freestanding wall bed. Price shown is for wall-mounted option. (Freestanding means you have the freedom to place it anywhere in a room and not being confined to mounting against the wall. Of course, this comes with an additional price tag.)

Dimensions: Click here for dimensions of wall beds.

New features

Also, you can choose to upgrade the wall bed with deluxe concealed mechanism with inner shelves.


The Slumbersofa Ease starts from $11,500 for melamine finish in 35cm depth, depending on the size (double or queen) in vertical configuration only. Installation and delivery fees apply which vary depending on the model chosen.

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