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Slumbersofa Regal

Slumbersofa Regal

Slumbersofa Regal


The new Slumbersofa Regal is an opulent and majestic design with luxuriously large armrests to drape yourself over whilst relaxing in the evening.

It benefits from the same Italian style, comfort and ease as the Slumbersofa range, and comes in sizes from single to queen.

As with many of the other models you benefit from a real mattress, and it's a breeze to open since you do not need to remove the seat or back cushions.


Stylish and comfortable sofa bed Singapore from Spaceman - Slumbersofa Regal

The Slumbersofa Regal is one of the range of Spaceman's real mattress sofa beds.

Easy to use

In just a few seconds you can transform the sofa into a bed, no need to remove the cushions.

The Slumbersofa Regal comes with a real mattress also from Italy, with antibacterial, anti mite cotton stretch fabric cover which you can upgrade with options such as memory foam.

Made for you
Our sofa beds can be customised for you, choose from over 100 fabric options.

Our fabrics are fire retardant, and most fabrics comes with HydroCare coating - a special treatment to protect the fabric from liquid penetration. Spills from water, coffee, juice or even wine can be easily wiped away with a clean cloth to prevent undesirable stains.


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