Zoom Maxi ~ compact kitchen,Kitchen - SPACEMAN
Zoom Maxi ~ compact kitchen,Kitchen - SPACEMAN
Zoom Maxi ~ compact kitchen,Kitchen - SPACEMAN
Zoom Maxi ~ compact kitchen,Kitchen - SPACEMAN

Maxi ~ compact kitchen


The largest model in our expanding compact kitchen - the Maxi is the ideal choice if you have more kitchen essentials to store away. The full doors have hidden storage and shelves behind them.

Ultra space-saving
With the rise of micro apartments, Spaceman's range of compact kitchens gives you the flexibility to have a fully functional kitchen, complete with an oven and refrigerator in a smaller space.

Fits anywhere
These portable kitchens fit seamlessly into the living space, and you can have it anywhere - against the wall, in a corner, in the centre of a room or in a niche. The mini kitchen is versatile enough to be used for homes, gyms, hostels, hotels and offices.

Huge range of customisation
There are 4 different door options with the versatility of having a 40-inch revolving TV on the kitchen door. Either way, you can enjoy the TV while you're cooking and when you're not. Design your very own mini-kitchen by choosing between hundreds of colour customisation combinations, shelving arrangements and different worktops.

Superior quality
To prevent water penetration, the worktop is sealed with an aluminium profile along the sides and back of the mini-kitchen.

Technical dimensions (length x width x height):
Closed: 186 x 82 x 200
Open: 374 x 66 x 200

Maxi: Mini refrigerator will be placed in the mid-bottom cabinet.

Maxi Column: With high refrigerator, oven and drawer on the left base unit.



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