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Concertina living room storage

Concertina living room storage

Concertina living room storage


As new apartments get smaller we lose storage space. Whilst we can build lots of floor to ceiling built in storage it eats up floor space and makes the living area feel cramped.

With the clever Concertina system you can benefit from extra storage space and keep your room open and airy.

This free standing system does not require electricity, or any hacking so it's quick to install, plus safe, easy and long lasting. Just move the bookcases as you like to access the items you need.

The most amazing part is it's striking good looks. Made in Italy Concertina comes in three sizes and a range of beautiful finishes.

The Concertina can be located against a wall or because it is free standing could be used as a room divider. You will love your Concertina and all the extra space it gives you so the good news is you can take it with when you move home.

Choose from three lengths (200/250/300cm), open or closed with matt/gloss lacquer, oak or glass doors. Add drawers, shelves, belt and tie holder, sliding trouser rack, hanging rails and even shoe racks - configure it just as you want.

Units are 50cm deep 203cm high.

Please request more detailed technical specifications. Priced from $14,000.

Concertina also comes in a wardrobe version.

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