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Arc ~ expanding dining table

Arc ~ expanding dining table

Arc ~ expanding dining table


Luxury is in the smallest details. The Arc expanding dining table has a special leg with an elegant arch and its top appears to be suspended in the air.

Thanks to its telescopic extending mechanism, it is able to expand in intervals of 1, 2 or 3 extension panels. Making it a clever table that fits any party size. The largest model expands up to 3.1 metres - and can accommodate 16 to 18 guests.

Spaceman space saving furniture Made in ItalyOur products are stylishly designed, expertly engineered and lovingly made in Italy. With Spaceman, you will never have to make the difficult choice between form and function. Check out more extending dining tables from Spaceman.

As shown on screen:
Base: Epoxy coated M04 Matte Black
Top: Mortar look in E15 Pietra spatolata travertino
For the range of finishes available click here (note not all finishes are available for all models).

Technical Dimensions (in cm):
Choose between 5 models to suit different families and needs.
For visual drawings of all Arc models, click here.


Arc ranges from S$1,588 to S$4,388 depending on the size and table top finishes chosen.

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