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Sofa beds Singapore

We have a range of sofa beds that are all designed to offer a comfortable nights sleep, whether for a weekend guest, or for your own bed 7 nights a week.

Our range focusses on sofa bed/wall beds, a full size double or queen bed, teamed up with a comfy sofa. All our sofa beds have a sprung beech slatted base, they are available in a wide range of fabrics.

A sofa bed is a classic space saver, and when you combine it with Spaceman's expertise in space saving you get something truly special.


Sofa bed/wall bed

We have two designs for sofa bed/wall beds. Our first sofa bed the Slumbersofa Classic has built in storage, and is a cosy sofa design. 

You simply remove the back and side cushions of the sofa bed and just pull the bed down over the top of the sofa.

This bed opens vertically or horizontally.




















The second design available in horizontal and vertically opening models is the Slumbersofa Modern.