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Available stock below, otherwise delivery approx 3 months

Last updated: 11 April



Ex display Slumberdesk Junior


Ex display Slumbershelves


1 x Single Liberty horizontal
Frassino Bianco


1 x Queen vertical Liberty
1 x Frassino Bianco


1 x Slumberdesk single vertical
Avorio (cream) front melamine, smooth white frame, desk rovere brown

2 x Slumberdesk double horizontal
Larice frame, Senape doors and bed front. With 2 x folding headboards and LED light

1 x Slumberdesk Junior
Frassino Bianco

1 x Slumbersofa Classic Queen vertical
Frassino Bianco + sofa made to order

1 x Slumbersofa Classic Queen vertical
Frame Olmo, front Rovere brown. Sofa: M1509 Col 33. With LED lights, fabric headboard inside.
Total price : $11471 (sofa made in Italy)


1 x Tuckin bunk bed Frassino Bianco, without shelves or desk, 35cm.


1 x Tuckin bunk bed Frame and folding desk Rovere grey, front smooth white. 45cm with shelves.

Available end May

1 x Slumberdesk queen vertical
Frassino Bianco

1 x Slumberdesk Junior
Frassino Bianco

Slumbersofa Pronto
Double (140cm mattress), with 10cm arms in stock in greyA537-49 grey

Slumbersofa Duo

Made to order delivery around 8 weeks


Orange ex display. $1000 reduced to $800

1 x Grey (new) $1000
2 x grey (new) available from end May

Slumberchair Origami

Orange (1 ex display in stock)

TABLES in stock
Mammoth white lacquer (1 ex display in stock). $4500 reduced to $2500

Mammoth Junior (ex display only 1 in stock)

Armadillo (1 in stock Sabbia) / Armadillo XL - to order 3 months

Boxster, White matrix /  Natural oak in stock

Rondo (to order)

Wings dining/coffee table - White matrix (1 in stock)

X Table: 2 in high gloss white lacquer in stock

Dazzle:  1 ex display table

iTable: 1 in stock in sand colour

iFold folding chair - 2 In stock as display

Slim folding chairs -  6 in stock silver legs opaque seat & back/3 in stock white legs and opaque seat & back,7 in brown with brown upholstered seat