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SlumberUp ~ ceiling bed

SlumberUp ~ ceiling bed

SlumberUp ~ ceiling bed

When you need to move your bed out the way to open up your space, or want it to disappear completely now you can turn to the latest innovation in space saving beds, the SlumberUp ceiling bed.

This remarkable ceiling bed operates by a simple counterweight system that requires no motor or electrical connection. Your bed glides effortlessly up to the ceiling.

Ceiling bed by Spaceman

Key features:
- Freestanding ceiling bed, does not rely on wall or ceiling for support

- Raises to the ceiling in seconds to free up all the space a bed takes up

- No need to tidy or put away the bedding

- No electric motor, the ceiling bed works with counterweight

- Optional sofa and storage shelf

- Scandinavian look or white finish with solid wood frame

- Adjustable feet

- Can be dismantled and moved to another room or home

Spaceman SlumberUp ceiling bed is available in double (140cm) and queen (160cm) size, in horizontal and vertical configurations with optional sofa and one or two storage shelves.

You can also choose 4 different models:
- ceiling bed only
- bed + shelving
- bed + sofa
- bed + sofa + shelving

The bed is a Scandinavian style solid wood or simple white finish and the optional sofa is anthracite grey.

SlumberUp ranges from $6,088, depending on the size (double or queen) or configuration (bed or bed and sofa). Installation and delivery fees apply which vary depending on the model chosen.

Ceiling bed dimensions - Spaceman SlumberUp

Price does not include mattress. SlumberUp is raised and lowered, and legs positioned manually, no electricity required.

Note: We supply a range of mattresses designed for the bed, if using your own mattress the maximum weight is 35kg. Overall beds are tested to support a weight of up to 250kg.

Minimum recommended height of the room is 243cm, the bed will occupy approximately 35cm in height from the ceiling - subject to mattress height.

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Singapore Singapore
NOW, i am able to send my bed back to heaven after my much needed rest

1 - Thank You Matthew (the owner of this business) for driving all the way down to ensure that nothing was missed out in the installation process 2 - Perfect Bed for small micro living conditions 3 - Make full use of the limited amount of space you have after your night rest 4 - Bring your bed back to earth when you need to sleep 5 - Send it back to heaven after you are done 6 - The first ceiling bed in Singapore, Thank you Matthew for making this into a reality

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