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Slumbersofa Lithe ~ sofa bed + real mattress

Slumbersofa Lithe ~ sofa bed + real mattress

Slumbersofa Lithe ~ sofa bed + real mattress


Lithe is designed to fit into smaller rooms with its compact size. The length of the bed fully extended is 1.9 metres to fit into smaller rooms.

Find comfort and functionality all wrapped up in the cozy Slumbersofa Lithe sofaSpaceman made in Italy logo bed. A traditional guest bed would mean the space is permanently taken up even when the bed is not in use. With Slumbersofa Lithe, you can easily fold the bed away and use it as a sofa in the day.

Compact and space saving sofa bed
A remarkably multi-functional sofa and bed, combined with Italian ingenuity.

Real mattress
Nothing beats sleeping comfortably on a real mattress. Your guests can be assured of a good night's rest with the 12 cm, CFC-free Italian foam mattress. The best part is that the mattress is hidden within the sofa so no additional storage space is required.

Quick and simple to use
Simply loosen the side buttons and remove the covers and lift to reveal the hidden bed and mattress beneath.

Slumberchair Lithe comes in 3 sizes - single, super single + and queen to suit different families and needs. Another unique customisation is that you can add arms, side pad or white turning table as you wish.

Over 200 fabric and synthetic leather covers to choose from. If you select one of the fabric options, the sofa bed covers can be easily removed and dry cleaned. Click here to view available fabric swatches.

Spaceman Slumbersofa Lithe sofa bed

Lithe ranges from S$2,088 to S$3,488, depending on the size (single, super single or queen) and covers (fabric only).

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