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Pandora ~ single kids/teen bed with hidden storage

Pandora ~ single kids/teen bed with hidden storage

Pandora ~ single kids/teen bed with hidden storage



Spaceman Pandora kids beds with storage space saving

Children who love pretend play would adore Pandora. Like a pirate stashing away precious gems and gold in their treasure trove, Pandora guards their most precious possessions from plain sight of their siblings or friends who come for play - making it the most perfect hideout.

For Pandora, you can choose different coloured covers between fabric or phthalate-free leatherette options. Most covers have water repellent qualities, and are also removable for easy regular cleaning and maintenance. Click here to view finishes.

You can also customise the side panels to be left or right facing depending on your room layout.

These products are good for you and for the environment.

  • The main material in this range of products is board made from recycled wood particles, with FSC 100% recycled certification.
  • Coloured parts are made using water-based paints, which are environmentally friendly and adhere to EN 71-3 :2013 guaranteeing child safety in case of accidental contact with the mouth.
  • Our paints contain a long lasting “Silver Defense”, microbiologically shielding the surfaces to combat the spread of bacteria.
  • Paints have a UV-protective layer to flat surfaces providing resistance to chemical detergents and abrasions.

Spaceman's mattress is designed to adapt ergonomically. The Italian high density foam mattress provides firm support for the spine and is topped with memory foam that fits the natural curves of the body and adapts ergonomically to the shape of the body. Comes with a mattress cover that is also removable and washable for hygiene purposes.

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Offering not just beds, we have a comprehensive range of complementary wardrobes, bookshelves, study desk and chairs to complete your kids room.

Spaceman Pandora kids storage bed bedroom space saving

Spaceman Pandora room bookcase


Dimensions (cm)

Spaceman Pandora kids beds dimensions

Paneled Pandora starts from $2,450 while upholstered Pandora starts from S$2,900. Price varies with size, finishes and upgrades chosen. Mattress not included.

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