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Mezzanine ~ kids bed and study

Mezzanine ~ kids bed and study

Mezzanine ~ kids bed and study


Mezzanine is Spaceman's latest kids' bedroom system with a novel space saving concept. The mezzanine creates two distinct functions in the same space while its low height makes it kids-friendly and accessible. The top of the mezzanine serves as a study zone, while a bed (or two!) can be cleverly tucked under the mezzanine to create more space for play. 

There are two configurations to choose from - A. a single bed with two storage drawers, or B. two single beds. View and choose finishes here.

If you need an extra loft bed and even more storage, you can consider pairing Mezzanine with Stack to create a dream bedroom for your kids.

Free Kids Bedroom Design & Planning

Spaceman offers non-obligatory and FREE kids bedroom design consultation! Let us design an amazing kids bedroom for you with a wide variety of beds, wardrobes, bookcases, shelves and writing desks and chairs.


Spaceman Mezzanine 310 dimensions

Price range
Mezzanine ranges from $6,100 - $6,900 depending on the configuration and colours chosen. Price estimate is only for the mezzanine (L226 x D125 x H66.2cm), a wall mounted desk (L167cm), a rail guard and a ladder in melamine finish; and depending on the combination chosen, a single bed with storage drawers or two single beds.

Please note that the shelves, chair, mattress(es), wardrobes and mezzanine side panels are not included. 

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