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Bunk beds that create space

Bunk beds or double decker beds take up alot of space. They can completely fill a typical bedroom, and make it feel cramped and dark.

With Spaceman's amazing space saving bunk beds, you can fold away the bunk bed during the day to make space to relax, study or play.


 Above: Spaceman's Tuckin bunk beds featured at the HDB Hub show flat gallery.

Bunk beds in Singapore

Bunk beds or double decker beds are one of best known ways of saving space in a home in Singapore. By combining two bunk beds into one space you are already using less space than two typical beds, but bunk beds themselves are high, bulky and often make the room feel full.

If you could make your bunk bed or double decker beds disappear you would reclaim that space and light that is being lost to the bunk bed.

Tuckin bunk beds

Spaceman's bunk beds can be either folded into the wall, or turn into a sofa.

Above: Tuckin bunk beds with optional wardrobe and bookshelf

For our wall mounted "Tuckin bunk beds" they can be combined with a folding desk to save even more space, or made as an upper bunk only with desk or storage below.

Made in Italy with our exclusive soft open safety system, and sleek Italian styling they are a good looking addition to any room.

Tuckin bunk beds both use a full adult sized standard mattress, and have a premium orthopedic slatted base to ensure comfort and a healthy spine.

Slumbersofa bunk beds

Another way to make your bunk beds disappear is to combine them with a sofa. Yes it's possible!

These ingenious designs mean you can have bunk beds that completely vanish leaving your guests or children a sofa to use during the day.

And it gets even more impressive, because with Slumbersofa Trio you can even have three beds.

With Slumbersofa the beds convert to sofa or back again in a matter of seconds, everyone is sleeping on a real mattress, and safety bars are included.